Life always beautiful

Life always beautiful

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Living things in this world

I kept drag my travel blog this few weeks due to things happened unexpectedly,
i thought i can at least bring out few hours,
to wrote a short blog as an update,
but seriously, i was tiring with everything till i just need some rest time for myself.

As mentioned in the title,
living things in this world,
Let's me just straight forward,
Yes, Human is the most significant living things in this world,
same goes to animals as well as plants.
I'm not a vegetarian,
when spoke out those words seem to be so sarcasms.
I have no right to be a fully animal lovers since i'm still eating them as my foods.

But, what i learned from myself was,
since i'm Human, i must at least have a humanity.
I won't pick a living thing to be my food instantly from a life to death thing,
i won't eat my "familys" "friends" "neighbors".
And i won't abandon them.
When they in a bad condition, i won't step on it and make it worse.
To be a Human, we must at least have Humanity.

But due to some inhumanity human, 
I met this cutie, Siamese Mix boy.
He has a beautiful galaxy blue eyes, very attached to human.
When i first saw him, i can't wait to share him out,
to find an owner for him (I had three crazy cats in my house).

I'm not put effort enough to push him out,
after half year, 
he still with me every day and night waiting me to feed him and pet him.
Till last month,i decided to bring him to neuter, 
to give him a better life and look for adopter.

But thing went wrong after he back from Vet,
i realized he had difficulty on urinate.
I brought him to another better Vet,
found out he has urethral blockage for more than two days,
on the spot he did the catheterize, and flushing out all the dirt and urine.
He stay in Vet for 10 days, his condition was on and off till doctor told me that he might be causing by tension.
I brought him home, stay for 1 week yet thing still the same.
He become so weak and vomited, he discharged and catheterized again.

I won't forget the moment he suffered the catheterize surgery,
i won't forget his face when he stay in Vet ,
i won't forget how he suffered the pain when i trying to help him to urinate.
I woke up and fell asleep with worriment ,
and pray so hard for him.
Yet, he still the same and suffer another round of painful.

Why Human never take living thing as serious as their kind? 
Why they can simply dump a beautiful cat to be stray?
Why the doctor who did neuter surgery never check properly on the cat condition before start all this?
Why for them, cat was just a cat and their life can be simply control by Human with trifling?

I just heard my niece told me that, don't touch a stray dog(puppy),
they all are poisonous and will caused us die,
especially those with skin problem.
Once they bite us, we will die with saliva flow nonstop and be like crazy dog.
I was shocked and ask her who told her this?
She said "Teacher".
I was wondering, are those Teacher educated? Did they really studied before educate people?
BTW, my niece father also one kind of support kill dog case in Penang last few months ago that make me speechless.

In conclusion,
i'm not asking everyone to be a animal lovers,
yet, please be serious with life and at least keep yourself a little bit of humanity.
Learn more, study more, understand more to avoid yourself look like an idiot.
(Rabies won't make you saliva flow and crazy, and main caused not from dog)

PS: Thanks God, Siamese mix getting better now. Last week he caused me cry all night and day due to once Vet found out he had a cancer, and no cure for that. Put him into a sleep is a better way for him to avoid suffer.
But when i go for another Vet, it's just a mistake done by previous Vet.
Thanks God , blessed Siamese Mix boy. Now he is healthy active and naughty.

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